Advent Preaching

December 19, 2006

Today, a couple of quotes about Advent preaching:

“The first rule in advent preaching is to resist every temptation to say something new and clever about Christmas. Instead, try to say the old truths in a fresh way and wrap each series in an exciting new package.” (Warren Wiersbe)

“For any pastor, just to survive one Christmas is demanding. But to survive one Christmas after another and still have something fresh to say is a true challenge. I speak here from experience. For I have served in two churches for twenty five years…To my mind the secret to preaching at Christmas – as indeed to preaching at any time of the year – is to be found in expository preaching. For expository preaching enables the preacher to remain fresh. When we conscientiously expound God’s Word, we discover that there are always new truths to impact. But left to our own devices, we soon run out of bright ideas.” (Paul Beasley-Murray)

Daily posting commences on January 1st 2007. See the introductory post to Unashamed Workman here.


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