Workman’s Toolbox

December 16, 2006

If you are new to this blog, read the introductory post for a word of explanation. Daily posting will begin on January the 1st, 2007. Otherwise, a few links for you. These will usually appear in a Saturday feature called Workman’s Toolbox.

* John Piper has almost completed his eight year series on the book of Romans. Desiring God lines up some of the highlights.
* I came across a great article at The Founder’s blog on “Preaching the Big books like Jeremiah.” Needless to say, a great encouragement since Jeremiah is our next preaching series!
* Expository Thoughts begins a series which will no doubt be valuable on “Guidelines for Studying Proverbs.”
* Over at Africa bound, there’s a good introduction to the value of Expository Preaching: What is Expository Preaching?
* Mark Driscoll on preaching and teaching Jesus from Scripture (HT: Justin Taylor)

* Wayne Grudem’s interesting interview with Adrian Warnock continues with “Things we can agree to disagree about.”
* A friend of mine over at the Conventicle on how calls to detract the doctrine of substitionary atonement could have been better curbed if more of us read John Owen.
* Horatius Bonar on the centrality of the cross over at Shepherd’s Scrapbook.

* A really helpful article by Bob Kauflin on “Preparing for and Evaluating Sundays.”
* Unveiled Face reviews “Gospel-centred Hermeneutics” by Graeme Goldsworthy.
* Pure Church has carried a superb series of posts on the topic: “What a good pastor is to do.” Here is the first of the series of 8. Find the rest on Thabiti’s blog.
* Tim Challies comments on a new film chronicling the life of William Wilberforce.
* My wife’s blog on why you might want to buy a goat for a loved-one’s Christmas.
* i-tunes Time Alone with God. Intrigued? Click here.
* This clip of a memorized reading of Hebrews 9 and 10 has been knocking around the blogsphere for a while now, but its really worth watching if you haven’t seen it. (HT: A Pilgrim’s Life)
* How do you fancy Christmas with the Puritans? Dr Kostenberger gives us the lowdown.
* Any post titled No More Youth Pastors, must at least be worth a read! Actually, some challenging points to ponder.


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