Unashamed Workman Launches

December 11, 2006

This is the very first post on this new blog, and so it seems reasonable to explain the format of Unashamed Workman. The overarching theme is, of course, preaching; and I’d like us to consider it in as wholistic a manner as possible. Therefore, we’ll cover everything from why we preach, to what we preach, to life outside the pulpit (yes, there is such a thing!).

I plan to blog at least once a day, Monday through Saturday, leaving Sunday a rest day in blogland. No doubt many of you will be toiling in preaching and prayer on that day.

Each day of the week will have a basic theme:

Mondays: “Beyond the Workshop” – Since Monday is also my day off with family, it seems an apt time to reflect on all matters relating to the kind of preacher I am, such as my personal relationship with God, my wife and children.

Tuesdays: “Classic Materials” – On this day we’ll enjoy an extended quote from any one of the ancient (mostly) or modern lights in preaching. Expect plenty of Jones, Spurgeon, Whitefield, and Edwards here.

Wednesdays: “Under Construction” – Since like many of you, I’m involved in preparing and preaching regular sermons, I’ll be reflecting on things I’m working through with regards my methods and manner of preparation and delivery.

Thursdays: “Workman Watch” – In any craft, skills are often learned as we watch and learn from experts in the trade. Every week, I try to listen to at least a few sermons online, and I’ll be reviewing a sermon each week from a variety of modern preachers to see what I can learn.

Fridays: “Work ethics” – Here I’ll be looking for a month at a time at some of the great debates in preaching. For example, I may take a month of Friday’s to look at what different people have decided about use of manuscripts as opposed to extemporary preaching. Or we may spend a whole month pondering how best to preach from prophetic literature.

Saturday: “Featured Toolbox” – On Saturday, I’ll link to anything I’ve found on a given week that might be of benefit to preachers. This will be “around the blogs” with an eye open for things helpful to expositors.

Daily posting will begin on the first of January 2007. Do contact me if there are any topics you’d like discussed.



  1. I just wanted to be the first person to post a comment on this blog ever. Job done! Looking forward to what’s in store, especially some classic Chuck Spurgeon (as his friends called him).

  2. I found lots of intresting in this post. Many thanks!

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  5. As a layperson as we are called I love reading this website. I love to know there are preachers out there who care about sound teaching and all that involves in personal study and application. I’m thankful that you share ideas and insights.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Norma,

    Thanks for your encouragement. That’s good to know, and I hope this blog is helpful to all Christians, not just preachers.

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